Wednesday, April 20, 2011

more funny things that T said

This morning, T came running into the kitchen to show me his Mr. potatohead: "Mommy, that's a CHOCOLATE potatohead." I said: "That sounds yummy. Are you going to eat it?" "No. It's just a potatohead. It's not chocolate, or a potato."

Monday, April 18, 2011

everything's gonna be OK (verbal at 4)

I hardly ever post any more, and I think I need to explain that it's because now I know that T is going to be okay, and I have been able ... SOMEWHAT ... to move into something like a more normal existence. I'm not sure how many people stumble into this site looking for answers, but I want to share for the record just how great T is doing now that he is 4 (birthday Feb. 24), because when he turned 2 I was really really scared.

His eye contact is not great, and he says some odd things, but he is quite verbal. When he gets mad, he says, "Mommy, go away! You'd better get out of here." When he's tired he says, "Mommy, pick me up and I will close my eyes!" He can answer "where" and "who" questions, and he's ALMOST mastered "why" and "because" and "how."

Does he still happily play in the sandbox for a really long time? Yes. But earlier today, he ran into the house crying, and said: "I need a napkin!" I said, why? he said: "S dumped water in my sand. I need a napkin to dry it off. Dry it off, mommy!"

The other day he said: "Mommy, I wanted some berries and you said no, and I was really SAD! But then you gave me some and now I am happy!"

Quirky? Definitely. But he's going to be okay.