Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just Wanna Dance

I thought it would be fun to share some funny things my kids have done and said lately:

* My husband was trying to get T to eat while T was listening to his favorite music. Husband: "Do you want some sandwich? Mango? Kiwi?" T: "You want to dance!" T then proceeds to "boogie down." Hilarious.

* S hands me something small, green and suspicious. he says: "You [meaning S] don't know what THAT little crispy is." Me: "Where did you get it?" S: "It came out of your nose!"

* T, upon awakening last night at 1 am: "Having a picnic! The blue car is having a picnic!"

After hearing the Kinks sing "Lola" on the radio the first time, T had a total meltdown when it was over because I wouldn't play it again. "YOU! WANT! THE MAN! TO SING! LOLA!"

So I had to look it up on You Tube when I got home, and it is now his and S's favorite song. I did some soul searching, because, well, you know it IS about a transvestite which I can't really explain to them. But I decided that teaching and rewarding T's communication is really a lot more important. And anyway, Lola is an awesome song. Check it out:

Still it is a little weird when this little 3 year old in the back seat starts belting out: "l-o-l-a, LOLA!" And now S has started carrying around his little guitar and strumming on it while singing it. It's ... astonishing and hysterical.

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