Sunday, July 11, 2010

MMR causes seizures??

It is kind of weird how no matter what I am actually trying to research, it always seems to lead me to something new and disturbing about vaccinations. I have to date stayed completely agnostic about vaccines, but I have to say I have really read some disturbing things. While trying to research more about fever and metabolism issues, I wound up at this CDC FAQs about the MMRV.

What is really creepy is this:

Does the MMR vaccine cause febrile seizures?

Children who receive the MMR vaccine are more likely to have febrile seizures 8-14 days after vaccination than children who are not vaccinated at all. 1 During the 8-10 days after vaccination, about one additional febrile seizure occurs among every 3,000-4,000 children who receive MMR vaccine, compared with children who do not receive any vaccines.


How serious is a febrile seizure?

Although febrile seizures can be frightening for the child's caregivers, most are harmless. The majority of children who have febrile seizures recover quickly and have no lasting effects. Up to half of children who have one febrile seizure will have at least one other febrile seizure. But children with simple febrile seizures--the most common form--have no greater chance of getting epilepsy or brain damage than children who do not have febrile seizures. A study 1 showed that children who have febrile seizures after receiving an MMR vaccine are no more likely to have more seizures, epilepsy, or learning or developmental problems than children who have febrile seizures that are not associated with a vaccine.

Good Lord! I do not recall hearing anyone say this before, although I do have a brain like swiss cheese, so maybe I have already been here before. I don't know.

But ... seizures?? Really? And somebody is actually doing studies to try to prove that having seizures is not harmful? You have got to be kidding me.

Wow, how impressive has modern science become! Now they can prove that really, seizures are no big deal.

Only a real ignoramus would dare to worry that her child had seizures.


  1. Anonymous11 July, 2010

    You are alarmed because you aren't a pediatrician, and hence you wouldn't know perhaps that huge numbers of children have febrile seizures. It's as a result of them getting a temperature, which children do for all kinds of reasons.

    Since vaccines prevent illness, overall MMR protects agaist seizures, since, without the vaccine, more children would run more temperatures.

  2. Anonymous, I have a somewhat lengthy response, so I will put it in a new post. I hope you read it.